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In "Little Big Stories", this Thursday we bring you a nice relationship between two sporty brothers, Juan José Beracierto and Ibai Beracierto, who will come together on the 21st of November to enjoy the Gran Canaria-Maspalomas Marathon. Will they have an hard competition? We will have to see.

We began the chat by asking both of them what motivates them to run in Maspalomas this year and, first of all, the older of the two, Juan José, told us that "A few years ago I ran the Transgrancanaria and I wanted to come back to the island. Three years ago I switched to asphalt and I saw it as a good motivation to run in Gran Canaria again, but this time it would be an asphalt race".while his brother Ibai is motivated by "the distance. I'm an athletics romantic and the marathon distance requires me to run it. And it's the best way to disconnect for a few days with the family after more than a strange year".

We asked them what makes the Gran Canaria-Maspalomas Marathon different from the others and they both agree on the good weather we will experience in November. Juan José explains that "In my opinion, the difference is the weather. You are practically guaranteed sunshine, although for those of us from the north it can be a bad time as we get closer to the 35th kilometre".Ibai tells us that "Despite being in November, we are guaranteed good weather".

Ibai Beracierto

But how many marathons have they both run in their lifetimes? Juan José doesn't keep an exact count, but "three years ago I signed up for the Euskadi 100kms championship on asphalt and for this objective the last 3 months were a marathon every weekend, either in competition or training, and then there have been a few more like Seville, San Sebastian, Bilbao, etc".. For his part, Ibai thinks he remembers "I have run 23 marathons and with a victory in 2016, on a track in the 24h of Can Drago (Barcelona)".

As far as preparation is concerned, Ibai has it clear and "I've started trying to run when it's the hottest in my area, to get used to the temperature".. However, Juan José reflects on this by arguing that "Because this year, due to the pandemic we have been through, my preparation will be different, as I will prepare myself by mixing in some more endurance sports so that I don't arrive with my muscles so tired and gain in endurance".

«It is an excuse to travel, enjoy the sun, the good atmosphere of the Canary Islands and its gastronomy".

On the objective they are setting themselves, Juan José, gives an initial comment "Bufff, maybe a bit ambitious, but I'd like to be around 2 hours 30 minutes. I think that with good training and if the course is flat, it could be possible".. Ibai, is more cautious and "As far as the race itself is concerned, to run between 2:45 and 3h. But the main objective is to enjoy the race, the city, the people... I want to return home with the desire to come back in 2022".

In this event, which is characterised by being popular, we went into their personal lives to find out if, apart from the two of them, they will be accompanied by other people and if Juan José will take advantage of it. "to travel with my partner, my great help and support in this adventure and in this way we will enjoy a week of your wonderful island". and Ibai says that "The five of us from home. My wife, my children aged 4, 2 and 0 and me".

Finally, we asked both of them to send a message to those who are hesitating, asking them what they would say to encourage them to take the step of registering. Juan José is categorical and comments that "To those who are hesitating, I would say that it is a good place to run whether it is the first time or if you already have experience. It's an excuse to travel, enjoy the sun, the good atmosphere of the Canary Islands and its gastronomy",to which Ibai adds that "don't think, just run",in honour of Chema Martínez and... "It is better to regret what you have done than to regret what you have not done".