Specific training program

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We want to help you overcome the Gran Canaria - Maspalomas Marathon, so we have teamed up with Macro Fit Canarias to offer you a specific training program to complete the 42km successfully.


Hi runners

I'm Saúl Castro, responsible for running in Macro Fit centers and your coach for the Gran Canaria-Maspalomas Marathon.



5 months. From June 12 until the marathon weekend.


Exclusively for all Marathon registrants


  • Free training in Macro Fit centers.
  • Entrenamiento por libre en centros Macro Fit.
  • Follow-up of the process through TrainingPeaks.


  • Specific training with Saúl Castro - Parque del Sur (Maspalomas) and Parque Romano (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).
  • Free training in Macro Fit centers - In all Macro Fit centers, find your center


  • Specific training with Saúl Castro - Once a week. Tuesday at Parque Romano at 19.00 and Thursdays at Parque del Sur at 19.00.
  • Free training at Macro Fit centers Twice a week (at the participant's discretion).
  • Monitoring of the process through the TrainingPeaks application - Continued.


  • Access to Macro Fit centers will be by appointment to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.
  • If you have been a Macro Fit customer in the last three months, you will not be eligible for access to its centers.
  • Repeated non-participation in face-to-face training sessions will result in the cancellation of access to Macro Fit.