There is only one thing better than running a marathon, running a marathon helping others.

Running a marathon involves a sacrifice that only those who have run one know, which is why finishing it is so magical. If finishing it is magical, doing it in the time proposed is absolute happiness. If this 21st of November you want to participate in a different way, we propose you to be part of the team that will help the runners of this Maspalomas Marathon to make their dreams come true. You don't need to be a professional or a bullet, you just need to be an honest and constant runner to be part of the team. We need runners to set the pace to finish the marathon in different times, but it is not necessary to run the whole marathon, we can do just the first or the second 21 kilometres, this way we will not have to push ourselves so hard. We will not go alone at any time, as there will be at least TWO runners for each time, we will carry the flag on our backs with a very light backpack so that the runners can see us well. Translated with (free version)

We will accompany the runners to finish the marathon in the following times:

3h (4’15” por km)

3h30’ (5’00” por km)

4h (5’40” por km)

4h30’ (6’25” por km)

5h (7’05” por km)

5h30’ (7’50” por km)

6h (8’30” por km)

What do I need to participate? You need to be able to run at these paces steadily, have a GPS watch to check that you are running at the right pace and be willing to help others. If you meet these simple requirements write to and provide the following information: y aporta los siguientes datos:

Name, surname and telephone number

If you intend to do PACEMAKER the full marathon or just the half marathon (be honest and choose what works best for you!)

From the list of times above, which ones you can do and which one you PREFER to do (it's all about being comfortable, never at the limit).

In the official PACEMAKERS team we will have our exclusive t-shirt and of course free registration. Macrofit will invite us to train in their centres for 3 months and the whole group will stay in Maspalomas on Saturday to arrive fresh for the start.